Consumers are well aware of the significance of a healthy diet and good lifestyle.  Even the financial meltdown did not dampen the importance they attribute to it. Which explains why the economic downturn witnessed a fall in the demand in almost every other product segment worldwide except in the health and wellness category. In fact, the recession may have actually prompted an increased preference for dietary supplements. This paved way for the increasing demand for ‘Nutraceuticals’.

The term ‘nutraceutical’ is used to describe any food, or part of a food, that offers a medical or health benefit beyond simple nutrition. Such benefits may include the prevention or treatment of disease. These products range from proteins, vitamins, minerals, pure compounds and natural based products used in capsules, to foods that contain added bioactive ingredients. Everything from vitamins, to sports drinks, to fortified milk drinks, to complete, pre-prepared diabetic meals are considered as nutraceuticals.

Among the drivers of the nutraceutical industry growth are the health concerns of aging baby boomers in industrialized countries, a growing desire for natural alternatives to traditional pharmaceutical products, and an increased awareness among consumers of the links between nutrition and health. 

Recognizing this shift in consumer preferences and leveraging the available facilities, scientific talent and global sales and marketing team, Camlin Fine Sciences has introduced nutraceutical ingredients under its Health & Wellness portfolio to deliver high quality nutraceutical ingredients as customized forms accessible across the globe.

Backed by scientific resources, manufacturing capabilities and regulatory expertise, customers can enjoy a combination of high quality products at competitive prices and an excellent service supported by R&D and quality systems.

Our nutraceuticals product manufacturing is supported by technologically advanced research and development infrastructure, which develops new products and is engaged right up to the delivery of products to the market.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plants ensure that we deliver quality and scale. We have successfully integrated our capabilities and capacities to deliver a wide product portfolio that caters to the needs of diverse markets. Camlin operates dedicated facilities for some nutra products and does contract manufacturing of various herbal based ingredients.