As a Corporate, CFS is accountable for effecting social change with its business practices and profits. The Company believes that Corporations have the power to solve social issues and bring-in a difference. CFS’ involvement in development projects such as environment, healthcare, child education in different states of India helped people to attain a sense of belongingness, to be more self-dependent, and live their life with dignity. CFS has been continuously supporting Shushrusha Citizen’s Co-Operative Hospital Limited, Akhil Bhartiya Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, Sangopita- A Shelter For Care and Vivekananda Kendra in their endeavor to improve quality of life and sustain humanity.


Shushrusha Citizen’s Co-operative Hospital Limited

Affordable and efficient emergency and specialty care facilities is often beyond the reach of average citizens, let alone the poor and the needy.

Shushrusha Citizen’s Co-operative Hospital Society in Dadar was founded in 1966 by Dr Vasant Shripad Ranadive to bridge the gap. It was registered in 1964, under The Maharashtra Cooperative Societies Act, 1960, and under Maharashtra Nursing Homes Registration Act, 1949. In 1969, on completion of the building, it was inaugurated the then Prime Minister of India, Mrs Indira Gandhi. 

CFS has invested in the latest diagnostics and treatment possibilities at Shushrusha to ensure the underprivileged have access to specialized surgeries, comprehensive medical care with diagnosis, treatment and post treatment recovery management, all under one roof.

After all, everyone has the right to good health which is accessible, affordable and accountable. 


Started by parents of children with special needs, Sangopita offers children diagnosed with Autism, Down syndrome and Cerebral Palsy etc. necessary medical aid, special education and, most of all, the love and affection they deserve.

Located in the village of Bendshil, near Badlapur, the centre, surrounded by natural beauty, provides an environment conducive to their growth. Sangopita works relentlessly towards instilling self-belief in these children. They are taught to be self-dependent through formal education and therapeutic interventions like physiotherapy, occupational, behavioural and speech therapy. Children are admitted after their accommodation and education requirements are assessed based on the results of an IQ test. 

Knowing how demanding the task is, CFS is only happy to help in whatever way we can to extend this care to as many families as possible who, more often than not, have little option but to face this challenge alone.