At Camlin Fine Sciences, in line with our vision ‘to be the globally preferred, trusted and integrated provider of reliable and innovative antioxidant solutions, aroma ingredients and performance chemicals’…we see the world as our market.

We have been providing products & servicing customers locally and across continents for more than 25 years.

The power of integration has given us unmatched advantages of size, scale and scope and catapulted us to a premier position as one of the world’s leading producers and exporters of Food Grade antioxidants TBHQ & BHA, with over 45% market share globally.

Our Aroma Ingredients comprise of Vanillin and Ethyl Vanillin. Vanillin, as we all know, is the largest and most popular flavouring compound in the world.

We have been successful in our Performance Chemicals Division with Catechol and Hydroquinone downstream products like Guaiacol, Veratrol, TBC, MEHQ etc. serving the Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, and Agrochemicals Industries worldwide.