The benefits of omega-3 are scientifically well recognized through numerous studies world over. These relate to brain development, cognitive health, mood disorders, cardiovascular health, and eye health. It is an ideal wellness nutrient from pregnant women, infants, growing kids, active adults to the aging population. Along with the technical brilliance of AlgalR, Camlin Fine Sciences introduces Riz® Omega3, a range of nutritional lipids, derived from wild-type microalgae, through innovative processes.

Riz® Omega

Riz® Omega is a unique source of vegan Omega-3s (DHA & EPA) from microalgae with absorption intelligenceTM. It is naturally developed in triglyceride (TG) form using a unique, innovative process that ensures high absorption, cost-efficiency and value. 

Riz offers algal omega-3 acids between 10 % and 70 % DHA concentration, in oil and powder form. The oil is self-stabilized without using any exogenous antioxidants using a unique patented “Omega-shield” process. Even the highest DHA content in TG form is obtained through direct fermentation with no chemical or enzymatic process. It is Halal certified with 100% TG form even in the highest concentration.

It is clean, ultrapure, stable as well as safe for early-life to golden years. The oil extraction process utilizes patented physical processes without the use of chemicals. A molecular distillation process further ensures an ultrapure product, free of heavy metals, certified by SGS and Eurofins. It provides exceptional quality and freshness in terms of taste and smell.  

The oil is self-stabilized using a unique patented “Omega-shield” process without any exogenous antioxidants. The purity, stability and complete traceability provides the safety for consumption from early-life to golden years. 

Riz® Omega has no impact on natural, marine resources, uses environment-friendly process in a fully integrated facility for unhindered manufacturing and supply

Applications: seasoning oils, infant milk powders, Gummies, Smoothies premix, chocolates, cereal bars, protein shakes, plant-based drinks, Infant formula etc. Petfood manufacturers, dietary or wellness supplement manufacturers, etc.

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