As a Corporate, CFS is accountable for effecting social change with its business practices and profits. The Company believes that Corporations have the power to solve social issues and bring-in a difference. CFS’ involvement in development projects such as environment, healthcare, child education in different states of India helped people to attain a sense of belongingness, to be more self-dependent, and live their life with dignity. CFS has been continuously supporting Shushrusha Citizen’s Co-Operative Hospital Limited, Akhil Bhartiya Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, Sangopita- A Shelter For Care and Vivekananda Kendra in their endeavor to improve quality of life and sustain humanity.


Akhil Bhartiya Vanvasi Kalyan:

Akhil Bhartiya Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram is a voluntary social welfare organization, with branches across India, working towards the development of Janjati (tribal) communities based in Jashpur, Chhattisgarh. It focuses on indigenous tribes in remote areas of India and takes up development projects such as environment, healthcare, child education, sports and culture in their respective regions.

It also looks at eliminating the chasm between the Hindu community and their Vanvasi brethren with affection and good faith and assimilate in the mainstream of urban society. Since women play a vital role in Vanvasi areas, training camps and conferences are conducted. Focus is brought to bear on their present condition and the need for them to take their rightful place in the society. They are encouraged to start their own small-scale enterprises.

It conducts de-addiction programmes and also raises awareness about the dangers of alcoholism and other dependence on other intoxicants. CFS continues to support Vanvasis in helping them attain a sense of belongingness, become self-reliant and live their life with dignity.