In rearing animals, it’s necessary to develop efficient systems and methods to increase capacity and production, for the same reason the use of high quality ingredients and additives is fundamental.

Such raw materials and finished products must match the quality with feed and also retain them during the production process and animal consumption. As these are designed based on the nutritional needs of the race, step of development and the production phase.

Xtendra Blends helps delay the oxidation process which is one of the major factors responsible for the decomposition of nutrients like vitamins, energy sources and pigments. Oxidation is a destructive process that modifies the chemical product and some of them with no nutritive value and/or can be harmful to animal’s health.

Active ingredients:

Blend of BHA (Butylated Hydroxyanisole).

BHT (Butylated Hudroxytoluene) & ETQ (Ethoxyquin).

Blend of BHA & BHT in soyabean oil.