Knowledge Team

Torben Isak
Senior Scientist

Torben has close to twenty-five years of experience in global food ingredient innovation, R&D and technical customer service primarily in antioxidants/lipid oxidation, edible oil & fat processing and emulsifier & hydrocolloid technology. His work has led to robust natural and synthetic antioxidant shelf life solutions usage in the industry today.

He is the co-inventor of 6 patent applications and enjoys collaborating with customers, supply chain partners and colleagues. Torben holds a Master's degree in Dairy Science and Technology from Copenhagen University.

Jennifer Igou
Vice President - Sales,
CFS North America, LLC

Jennifer brings more than fourteen years of antioxidant experience in the food and beverage ingredient space where she held various roles in the lab, in sales and in leadership positions.

She has strong technical know-how and a commitment to working strategically with customers. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry and Biology from the University of Northern Iowa.

Namal Senanayake,Ph.D.
Scientific Manager - Shelf Life Solutions

Namal brings over twenty years of experience in lipid chemistry, lipid oxidation and antioxidants where he held various roles in food industry and academic institutions. He is the author of 24 scientific publications and 13 book chapters. Namal has also presented 40 papers (including oral and poster presentations) at various scientific conferences.

He is also a co-inventor of four patent applications. He has worked on omega-3 lipids, edible oils and fats, bakery, meats, culinary and pet food applications. Namal holds a Bachelor's degree in Agriculture from University of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka, and Master's degree and a Ph.D. degree in Food Science from Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada.

José Arturo Paulin Nardoni
Sales Manager - Central America and Andean region

Arturo brings extensive experience in the field with a focus to provide integral solutions to the specific needs of each market.

He has broad experience in feed, poultry and pet food industry focused in providing technical solutions. José Arturo holds a Bachelor degree in Agronomist Engineer Graduated from the Autonumous University of Guadalajara, Mexico and Colorado State University and Master's degree in Agrobusiness from Tel Aviv University in Israel.

Ricardo Soto Carrillo
Technical Director

Ricardo has spent over 39 years in product and business development. His expertise in installations of chemical plants, processes, quality systems, product applications has given immense boost to his work. He has been a mentor for his team, delivered lectures and has been an expositor too at national and international forums.

He was the founding partner of Dresen Quimica and has played a pivotal role in development of Dresen brands. He is an Industrial Chemical Engineer from Mexico with focus on developing products in food and feed.

Luciano Monteiro
   General Manager, South America,
CFS do Brasil

Luciano brings over seventeen years of solid experience in Operations Management in the field of additives for human food, pet food diets, livestock feed and grain treatment.

His knowledge of raw material procurement, manufacturing, finance, administration, quality control and distribution & logistics during the start-up and development stages of a business, helps him implement the tough business challenges in multicultural environments.

Jacqueline Nascimento
   Petfood Sales Manager, South America

Jacqueline brings over twenty years of experience in Animal Nutrition. A large part of this time was spent working in petfood industry, attaining ways to increase the shelf-life of ingredients and petfood diets.

She has worked as a technical service and product manager in South America and has developed new opportunities right from Aqua, Swine and Poultry production to different kinds of additives. Her hands-on experience has helped gain excellent market understanding which has contributed significantly.

Jacqueline holds a Bachelor´s degree in Veterinary Medicine and Master´s degree in Animal Reproduction. She also holds MBA in Marketing.

Federico Sakson
Business Manager - Argentina

Federico has almost 20 years of experience on formulation development and project management for different industrial applications like petroleum derivatives (paraffins and lubricants), process refining, biofuels antioxidants, wood and paper derivatives. He also held leadership positions in lab and technical customer service.

He is a chemical engineer located in Argentina, focused on the development of industrial antioxidant solutions.

Asia, Middle East and Africa [AMEA]
Jatin Gohil
Sr. Manager - Business Development

The responsibility of marketing products and developing business for CFS' Antioxidant and Aroma divisions in Asia Pacific and the MENA region is what Jatin does with gusto.

His baccalaureate in management studies and masters in business administration along with his four years of field experience in sales & marketing, enterprise planning and budgeting helps him understand his clients and serve them well.

South Asia
Dinesh Sharma
General Manager - Technical Sales (Food Division)

A master in organic chemistry and food technology, Dinesh is a qualified lead auditor for ISO-9001-2000 and ISO-22000-2005 certifications.

His responsibility for the CFS technical sales of India, Nepal & Bangladesh are backed by over seventeen years of experience covering production & quality assurance as a plant manager himself in a variety of snack food & cereal companies and also technical sales in the speciality fats business.

Jerrold Anchan
General Manager - QA & QC

Handling customer feedback, suggestions and complaints through audits, quality control and quality assurance mechanisms is what Jerrold has been taking care of for over twenty one years in this sector.

His studies in industrial analytical chemistry coupled with his hands-on experience in delivering products as per expected standards, is what he revels in.

Neeti Chavan
Head - Technical, Food Division

Twenty years of experience as a food process engineer and technologist... an R&D manager and a technical marketer of food ingredients, Neeti has worked on spice powders & gravies, active pharmaceutical ingredients, spray-dried powders, antioxidants and flavour compounds.

Her technical expertise in food technology is supplemented by her certifications in business management and in ISO 9000 as a lead auditor.