CFS Europe Customer Applications Laboratory:

Situated in the historical city of Ravenna, Italy, the new applications laboratory is geographically well-located to service our European customers. The applications laboratory is located close to our diphenol plant, also in Ravenna, benefiting from the high level of expertise in phenol chemistry and analytical techniques for quantification of phenolic antioxidants. Supporting a wide range of applications within food, feed (the site has GMP+ certification) and biodiesel, the team has experience with a variety of shelf life extending solutions. The laboratory provides oxidative stability testing, and works closely with our regional laboratories and teams to optimise the support for our customers. As input in your product development process, we can provide a detailed technical discussion on antioxidant functionality in difference matrices in as well as regulatory support.

CFS laboratories across the globe add value to our business though four core functions:

  • Product development of shelf life solutions and aroma formulations
  • Oxidative stability testing of oils/fats/lipids/food samples with the latest instruments
  • Development of food applications and evaluations for providing technical support to customers in terms of dosage, method of use, processing benefits, testing know-how and evaluation of shelf life solutions and aroma ingredients.
  • Sensory evaluation of aroma ingredients and formulations
To set up an Application Study for your product or to learn more about our extensive application-research library in the food, pet food and animal feed sectors, contact us.

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