With our world class 15,000 liter Fermentation facility for Algal Omega Lipids and Carotenoids, under expansion to 300,000 liters to include Natural Vitamins and other Bio-Nutrients, we take pride in being at the forefront of responsible nutrition, producing environmentally friendly ingredients at ethical prices.

We welcome you to our range of Sustainable, Vegan, Omega Nutritional Lipids. DHA, EPA, & Nervonic Acid


DHA – The ancient nutrient. THE Omega Fatty Acid Essential to every stage of life. Integral to the rise of human intelligence as we know it; playing an Omnipresent, Omnipotent role in all Animal Brains and Cell Membranes. Proven and unparalleled Neuro-developmental, Neuro-protective, Cardio-protective and Anti-Inflammatory benefits in Infants, Adults, & Pets. Now, Cleanly & Sustainably Fermented from the Vegan, Micro-Algal source which started it all. Untouched by Human Hand. Zero Solvents. Heavy Metals & Pesticides Free. Ethically priced, too.

The Benefits of DHA Through All Stages of Life