Pets play significant roles in people’s lives. As pets cannot verbally express their concerns, pet owners do everything to give them the best possible care. And ‘care’ begins with good nourishment that makes CFS more emotional about their food needs.

Pet foods and their ingredients by their very nature are perishable and prone to oxidation. Storing them on the shelf for an extended period of time has negative effects on their flavour, aroma, texture and nutrients. Because trends in pet food are closely aligned to those in human food, natural shelf life solutions are preferred by certain manufacturers other than traditional antioxidants. 

Applications: Food and treats for dog, cat food, other pet foods

Antac BHT
Antac Plus A-24EF
Oxipet Powder
Oxipet Liquid
Propical Powder
Checkmold 20
Dresbond AC
Dresbond M
Dresbond SG

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