CFS Europe SpA, the world's leading supplier of diphenols and its derivatives, manufactures with a proprietary technology. Our 43-member strong CFS team operates our 11000 MT fully automated production facility in Ravenna, Italy. Quality assurances and checks are managed through safe and environmental friendly processes. The facility is GMP+ certified for feed additives and premixtures. To satisfy our customers and in accordance with our Group Policy, CFS Europe SpA has an integrated Quality, Safety and Environment Management System. 

Our production facilities for numerous downstream products is located in Tarapur, India. Proven technical capabilities and global expertise enables us to cater to the local markets and offer superior service. CFS has blend manufacturing facilities in India, USA, Brazil, Italy and Mexico to cater to Asia and the Middle East, North America, South America, Europe and Central America respectively. 

Quality assurance, reliability and complete traceability from raw material to finished product are the cornerstones of food/feed safety - to which we are unconditionally committed.