As a leading global producer of antioxidants and vanillin, what makes us, Camlin Fine Sciences, unique is the extent to which we are vertically integrated. Our plant in Ravenna, one of Italy's largest chemical districts, produces the basic raw material hydroquinone and catechol. Our vertical integration capability then translates it into a wide range of downstream products like TBHQ, BHA, 4-TBC, Guaiacol, etc. Catering to industries as diverse as food, fragrance, pet food, animal nutrition, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals. polymer and biodiesel, to name a few.

This level of vertical integration delivers a big advantage to our customers. They are assured of the stability of our products, its supply, quality, traceability, transparency and competitive pricing that’s hard to match. Not surprisingly, we have grown to become the leading integrated manufacturer of the most preferred traditional food antioxidants available After all, we have everything we need to offer our customers innovative solutions - right from basic raw ingredients to their intermediates and derivatives which either directly form end products or are then used to formulate blends.