Animal feed has a vital role in the food chain. The animal nutrition industry deals with food given to cattle, poultry, swine, goat, sheep as well the aquaculture sector integrated with livestock rearing. For livestock to conduct essential life processes, it needs an abundant energy source. Feed provides proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, besides other nutrients, that help increase metabolism, efficiency, growth and immunity mainly in young livestock. With the increasing cost of feed ingredients, unpredictable disease outbreaks possess a major challenge for expanding production and maintaining profits. Feed additives can help improve feed conversion ratio (FCR) especially with the shift from traditional methods of farming to commercial form. 

So, regardless of the species reared, we work with the producers and farmers in an attempt to give them an informed feed purchasing decision to master production cost and gain profitability.

Application: Feed, feed pre-mixes, oils and fats

Xtendra BHA
Xtendra BHT
Xtendra 32
Xtendra 40
Xtendra 62
Xtendra 63
Xtendra 90
Xtendra 94
Xtendra 99
Xtendra 104
Xtendra 109
Novamold Silage
Novamold P45
Novamold SS
Sal Plus Liquido
Sal Plus Liquido N
Sal Plus Liquido SF
Sal Plus Liquido Essential
Sal Plus Dry
Sal Plus Dry SF

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