Our 8600 square foot R&D Center at Tarapur, India has three sections which are constantly abuzz with activity:

A synthetic and process development lab. which carries out all the unit operations, high pressure as well as high and extremely low temperature reactions.

An analytical development laboratory fitted with the latest modern instruments which caters to all technical support requests from other manufacturing units.

An independent pilot plant which supports scale-up activities as well as process engineering studies.

Our R&D team has developed many new Diphenol-downstream products. Alongside our in-house research, we conduct collaborative research projects with reputed institutes and universities for new product development. The facility is approved by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research Technology (DSIRT)


Our R&D activities at CFS Europe are both in-house as well as in collaboration with external research units and universities. The in-house centre is located within our factory premises and is integrated with the active support of our Quality Control Structure for analysis. We have separate dedicated facilities for analysis and for the characterization of both organic and inorganic material.

This centre focuses on two areas: 

  • The improvement of our existing technology and
  • The development of new products and processes.

Most activities done here are in collaboration with either the R&D or the Product Development units in India. Processes are first optimized in the laboratory and then tested in the pilot plant. Our next focus is on setting up new green-technology based processes within the facility.


Our R&D and Application team is focused on the development of customized antioxidant blends according to the needs of each customer, along with the support of the Quality Control laboratory.

Our Customer Technical Support Laboratory offers performance tests of our products, in addition to: 

  • Quantitative analysis of active antioxidant ingredients;
  • Study of useful life and oxidative stability;
  • Analyzes for dosage recommendations and appropriate application methods.

Besides that, we offer support for studies in universities through the sending of samples for scientific research tests.