At Camlin Fine Sciences’s (CFS), we take responsibility seriously. As one of the global leading ingredient solutions manufacturer, CFS understands consumer trends across sectors and geographies. Moreover, we understand our customers’ needs.

We adopt production methods that help obtain clean, sustainable and 100% natural produce. We comply with various global regulatory standards. But most important of all, we price our products responsibly.

Along with the technical brilliance of AlgalR®, Camlin Fine Sciences developed and introduced a sustainable form of DHA, using the most efficient process.


Biosus DHA is vegan, clean and naturally produced in triglyceride (TG) form that ensures high absorption, functional value and that too within reach.


Source: Extracted from naturally derived, wild-type microalgae. Ensures high absorption, thanks to its, clean natural TG form.

Safety: Ideal for an early intervention in life; safe for supplementation during pregnancy and infancy.

Seasonality: Unlike fish oil, provides assurance of availability throughout the year.

Sustainability: Harmonious with nature and no harm to marine life.

BiosusTM Omega 20 biomass is a reliable source of Algal DHA. The microalgae biomass contains 20% of Algal DHA along with rich source of protein and other essential nutrients. It promotes brain, eye, joint health, skin health and shiny coat for the furry friends. It is free of heavy metals, non-GMO, gluten-free and allergen-free.

Helps Meet The Daily Requirement Of DHA Making It 

An Accessible And Affordable Alternative World over.

To make DHA available to the world, we are happy to assist you.

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