Camlin Fine Sciences is the leading integrated manufacturer of the most preferred traditional food antioxidants available. Our vertically integrated manufacturing places an unceasing challenge for innovation and we're passionate about carving a niche for ourselves. With a growth focus, we rigorously work with our customers bringing out solutions for the food, pet food, animal nutrition, petrochemicals, polymer and biodiesel industries among others. 

Starting from our plant in Ravenna, one of Italy's largest chemical districts where we produce hydroquinone and catechol, we have vertically integrated our downstream products like TBHQ, BHA, 4-TBC, Guaiacol, etc to ensure the stability of our products, their steady supply, quality assurance, traceability, transparency and their availability at the most competitive price. This makes us a unique producer of fully vertically integrated products right from basic raw ingredients to their intermediates and derivatives which either directly form our end-products or are then used to formulate our blends.